When you need to add some oomph to your winter mornings (but the healing kind of oomph), spiced apples might just be your answer! Look, they ticks all the Ayurvedic boxes:

  • Lighter than oatmeal in case you are feeling on the heavy side (or if you overdid on the cheese fondue last night)
  • Warm to balance out the cold quality of the mornings and of the Season
  • Moist, with water and ghee to lock in some juiciness in you (we tend to dry out in the winter)
  • Spiced to a) taste delicious b) give a gentle wakey-wakey to your digestive fire

Plus, they get the Oscar for the shortest ingredients list EVER.


  • 2 organic apples
  • tsp of ghee
  • spices to taste (pick your favourites): cinnamon, cardamom, clove, or even a tiny pinch of dry ginger.

Peel the apples (if you have the patience).  Warm up the ghee, add in the spices to the pan and wait until fragrant. Then add in the apples and gently (because the ghee will splatter!) add a splash of water. Cover to simmer over gentle fire for a few minutes.

Enjoy while warm. For an extra treat (or in order to convince your toddlers to eat this) add a splash of maple syrup.