Energise with Soma Sleep

Blissful, restorative sleep at your fingertips!

It’s likely been ages since you felt like your best self. 

In fact, you find it tough to remember what it’s like to wake up feeling fresh and full of energy.

⚠️Your nights have been fragmented into bits and pieces for too long

⚠️Your mind starts racing as you attempt to fall asleep at night

⚠️You don’t remember the last time you looked forward to your day 

⚠️Your brain is navigating through a thick, mucky fog 

⚠️Your digestion is all over the place (constipation and bloating, best friends forever?) 

⚠️You’re finding more and more comfort in snacking and this has you worried

Sound familiar?🫣

If you’re DONE feeling like this – I got you!


You’re already doing so much.

You’re doing your best to give your 100%:

💥 for your loved ones

💥at work

💥 simply as a human being who quite frankly, was built for great things.

But now your energy is stretched way too thin

This is not your fault and you’re certainly not alone. 

Believe it or not, I’ve got good news!

Safe-guarding restorative sleep is a skill you can learn.


(Let that sink in for a moment)


Most of us were brought up in a culture that didn’t value rest and self-care in the first place.

Most of us didn’t grow up watching others model true self-care practices and learning to listen to our bodies (in fact, quite the opposite). 

No wonder 10% of the European population is suffering from chronic insomnia right now (and that’s not even counting other sleep-related illnesses). 

We’ve never been encouraged to safeguard the quality of our sleep, as the main pillar of our physical and mental health.

So how are we supposed to do this, then??


You can totally RE-LEARN to maximise good quality sleep yourself.

Enjoying restorative sleep is your birthright and it’s absolutely possible for you

You deserve to wake up feeling full of energy and enthusiasm about the day ahead – and your loved ones deserve it too! 

🍀Imagine looking forward to your day upon waking

🍀Imagine having ABUNDANT ENERGY to do the things that matter to you the most, like:

           🍀actually WANTING to play with your kids, or

           🍀truly ENJOYING spending quality time with your partner 

🍀Imagine being EXCITED about making plans and no longer wondering whether you will “make it through”

🍀Imagine being LESS IMPULSIVE with your decisions (move over, afternoon cookie spiral…) and your reactions around your loved ones.

This (and so, so much more) is what a good night’s sleep can help you achieve.


And it’s absolutely within your reach!




I am Vytautė, your new Āyurvedic Health Coach –  and I am here to tell you that you have the power to take your sleep quality into your own hands!

I’ve been down the sleep-deprivation spiral myself for years. I shared your struggle for years – I too, used to feel so sh*t in the mornings that I’d wish the day would be over before it even started

But this struggle really needn’t be. 


Once I had the right tools in place, I went from putting up with insomnia torture for about 4 times a week 😬 to finally being able to enjoy full, restorative night sleep – waking up feeling all the things we want to be feeling:



Ready to enjoy my day 

✅As well as being able to respond from a place of groundedness instead of resorting to yelling (my fellow parents will relate!)


This is why I createdEnergise with Soma Sleep” – a comprehensive 12-week ayurvedic programme helping you maximise restorative sleep through your daily habits.

Āyurveda, the world’s oldest health system, has a holistic approach to sleep – it examines all sides of the spectrum to enable you to get quality rest. 

Here, your daily routine plays a major role – what you do consistently on a daily basis literally creates your tomorrow, with direct repercussions on your health and wellbeing.

So if you are finding yourself in a state of chronic sleep deprivation, CHANCES ARE  your current life-style habits could benefit from some tweaking! 

This is where I come in to guide and support you. 

If you are looking to find the root cause behind your troubled sleep as opposed to band-aid solutions, trying out the Āyurvedic approach will be quite the jackpot, my friend. 

You will walk away with:


Significant positive changes in the quality of your sleep 


Tools to combat bloating and constipation, so that you don’t have to put up with this discomfort anymore


Lifetime knowledge in your pocket about how to be your own best sleep quality gate-keeper 


An Āyurvedic toolkit and relief remedies to use after an (occasional) bad night of sleep 


Knowing how to work with your body’s uniqueness to achieve optimal health

After the few sessions I had with her, my digestion was better”


 “I am now experiencing deep sleep. My overall anxiety levels are a lot lower.”


 Engaging with Lean on Ayurveda has been nothing short of an exceptional experience.  I’ve been able to experience substantial enhancements in not only my mood but also my overall energy levels.”


How “Energise with Soma Sleep” works:

This is a highly tailored programme where we will work in a 1:1 format.

First, we will examine your Āyurvedic blueprint and the current health challenges you are facing.

Then we will proceed to examine your current nutrition, routine and your habits, identifying the most impactful tweaks that you can make.

You’ll be putting to use your tailor-made diet modification suggestions to improve the state of your digestion

✅You’ll start implementing the most impactful Āyurvedic practices in your routine to maximise quality sleep

✅You’ll start benefitting from custom Yoga Nidrā sessions to help you recover from the lack of sleep.


My aim is to guide you through this work in a way that is SUSTAINABLE for your particular circumstance (read: there’ll be no complex food lists, no extensive morning routine suggestions nor radical changes in my approach). If all you have is a 5-minute window in your day, that’s where we will start.

In this tailored 12-week ayurvedic programme you will:  


Understand the root cause of your sleep troubles, so that you can start making effective changes right away


Learn to recognise your daily habits that are counter-productive for a good night’s sleep (oh my, you’ll be surprised!), so you can stop shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to creating the best environment for your body to enjoy the best rest


Replace your most unhelpful habits with those that promote the relaxation of your nervous system, so that you can finally start enjoying more relaxing evenings and more restorative sleep from the first week of us working together!


Adapt your nutrition to favour deeper sleep (and while you’re at it, watch your digestion improve!)


Learn about the foods that your body can digest best so you don’t have to experience digestive discomfort


Learn to use yoga nidra (yogic sleep) as an effective tool to replenish your energy anytime, anywhere


Discover your unique Āyurvedic blueprint, get to know your bio-individual needs and learn how you can address them joyfully through rest, nutrition and lifestyle to ensure optimal health.

And since you’ll not be able to “unknow” what you’ll learn in this programme, its effects will last you a LIFETIME.


If you're looking for quick-fix, band-aid solutions to your sleep deprivation, then this isn't it 🙂  There're other providers catering to this option. 

This is for those who are looking for a sustainable approach to health, and who are EXCITED about the idea of taking wellbeing into their own hands!

In this programme we'll dive deep into the most impactful self-care practices that will thoroughly transform the quality of your sleep and your sense of wellbeing. 


Sounds good? Then hop on a call with me and let’s make you a restorative sleep plan!



“Vytautė helped me make sense of my concerns and provided me with practical advice that I still use today – this fills my days with light, peace, harmony, warmth and scents”. 




“My self-awareness changed 100%! Also self-belief. When I started with Vytautė I was very stagnant in energy. I had little drive and felt pretty rubbish. My motivation definitely feels like it is being turned on again.” 



What’s included in your “Energise with Soma Sleep” Programme:

6 one-to-one sessions of 60 mins spaced over 12 weeks

Session summaries and take-aways delivered to your inbox after each consultation

Your complete ayurvedic blueprint

Ayurvedic analysis of all of your current health symptoms

E-mail support during all of our time working together

A personalised yoga nidra recording, created by me especially for YOU

Investment: 450eur (sales tax included) to develop life-time skills of maximising restorative sleep. 

I’m committed to 100% client satisfaction. If after our first two sessions you decide that this work really isn’t for you (you’ll see – that’s unlikely😉), you can ask for a full refund!

“I felt supported in my struggles, it really feels like we are working together to figure out what changes I can usefully make.” 


“My favourite part about working together was getting to know myself!”



Getting to know Vytautė was a great gift. During our Ayurvedic consultation I felt supported by her light, attention and peace, I felt safe to open up and I felt heard. Vytautė helped me make sense of my concerns and provided me with practical advice that I still use today – this fills my days with light, peace, harmony, warmth and scents.

I sincerely recommend!!!