Awaken Your Health

Finally, feel better. Finally, understand your body.

You’re fed up with throwing a million different remedies at a million different health symptoms.

By now you’ve probably consulted with experts in various fields of healthcare but you haven’t received the answers that you’ve been seeking.

Your body’s language is just not making sense to you and that’s making you feel helpless and frustrated. 

But deep down you KNOW that you need to DIG A LITTLE DEEPER beyond the surface level to decode your body’s signals.

You know that there must be a different way to understand yourself.

Of course, you want to finally FEEL BETTER. 

But also, you want to, once and for all, UNDERSTAND what the HECK IS GOING ON with your body. 


Āyurveda teaches that the state of your health largely depends on your capacity to do 2 things:

1. to respond to the needs of your body; and

2. to live in harmony with the laws of Nature.

Most of us were brought up in a culture that didn’t exactly cultivate a mind-body-spirit connection, nor did it foster a healthy respect of the natural rhythms. 

No wonder we feel frustrated that our symptoms don’t make sense to us.

No wonder we feel disconnected from our Selves.

No wonder we feel disempowered when it comes to our health.


You can learn to develop a deep understanding of the language of your body. 


Every symptom is a MESSAGE.

Every symptom is a CATALYST, seeking to redirect you. 

All you need to do to feel better right now is:

1) Develop a good understanding about what’s happening in your body right now and what it needs in this moment; 

2) Start responding to those needs

That’s all.

Enjoying better health is your birthright. 

Whatever your current state of health and wellbeing, feeling better is always in the cards


hey there!

I am Vytautė, your Āyurvedic Health Counsellor.

My mission is to help you understand the root cause of your health symptoms and provide you with the most effective tools to address them, so that you can finally start to feel better in your body and your mind.



As I learnt to decipher the signals of my own body using the ancient science of āyurveda back in 2018, I was able to cater to my body’s needs and major relief came. 


Not only was I able to get rid of (or significantly reduce) a good bunch of health struggles that were making me feel miserable (like insomnia, chronic headaches, constipation and painful cycles), but my quality of life started to skyrocket


That’s why I created “Awaken Your Health”

Your comprehensive 12-week āyurvedic programme, designed to help you understand the root cause of your health symptoms and to provide you with the most effective, tailored tools to address them, so that you can finally feel better.


Āyurveda, the Vedic science of self-healing, pledges that you CAN experience more vibrant health regardless of the complexity of your current symptoms.  

But in order to do that, you first need to gain an illuminative understanding of what is happening in your body right now

Then, as you make use of Ayurvedic tools specifically tailored to meet your needs, your body can find balance and relief.

This is where I offer my expert guidance and this is what “Awaken your Health” is all about.  

This journey will not only positively impact your overall health but also trickle down to other areas of your life, like my past clients who:

broke free from chronic constipation


finally started to experience deep sleep


lost weight steadily


began to feel joy after being stuck in a depressive cycle


overcame an alcohol addiction


finally started believing in themselves

And many more.

And what would you dream of for your self?


After the few sessions I had with her, my digestion was better”


 “I am now experiencing deep sleep. My overall anxiety levels are a lot lower.”


 Engaging with Lean on Ayurveda has been nothing short of an exceptional experience.  I’ve been able to experience substantial enhancements in not only my mood but also my overall energy levels.”


How “Awaken Your Health” works:

This is a highly tailored programme where we work in a 1:1 format.

First, we will examine your Āyurvedic blueprint and the current health challenges you are facing.

Then we will proceed to examine your current nutrition, daily routine and your daily habits, identifying the most impactful tweaks that you can make.

✅You’ll be putting to use your tailor-made diet modification suggestions to strengthen your digestion 

✅You’ll start implementing the most impactful Āyurvedic lifestyle practices that respond to the current needs of your body 

✅You’ll start benefiting from custom Yoga Nidrā sessions to assist you with deep-seated behaviour and thought patterns that stand in the way of your healing.


My aim is to guide you through this work in a way that is SUSTAINABLE for your particular circumstance (there are no complex food lists, no extensive morning routine suggestions nor radical changes in my approach). 

If all you have is a 10-minute window in your day, that’s where we will start.

In this tailored 12-week āyurvedic programme you will:



Understand the root cause of your health symptoms, so that you can start making effective changes right away


Learn to recognise the daily habits that are counter-productive for your wellbeing, so you can stop shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to creating the best environment for your body to enjoy the best health


Learn about the foods that your body can digest best so you don’t have to experience digestive discomfort again


Get to know your unique Āyurvedic blueprint, develop awareness about your bio-individual needs and learn how you can address them JOYFULLY 



Start replacing the most unhelpful habits with those that promote strong digestion, restful sleep and a calm state of mind from the first week of us working together!


Adapt your nutrition to your unique body type 


Learn to use yoga nidra (yogic sleep) as an effective tool to replenish and work with your energy anytime, anywhere



Address deep-seated behaviour or thought patterns that are harmful for your health

This is where the exhausting constant searching ends

and illuminative understanding and healing begins.



"Awaken Your Health" is a great fit for you if:

You understand the value of learning from timeless wisdom of indigenous traditions (Vedic, in this case)

You are excited about taking responsibility for your own health

You value a sustainable approach to health as opposed to quick-fix, band-aid solutions


You're about to experience the most impactful self-care practices that will thoroughly transform your health and your overall sense of wellbeing. 

You're in for a life-changing ride.


Ready for this? Hop on a call and let's get to it!


“Vytautė helped me make sense of my concerns and provided me with practical advice that I still use today – this fills my days with light, peace, harmony, warmth and scents”. 




“My self-awareness changed 100%! Also self-belief. When I started with Vytautė I was very stagnant in energy. I had little drive and felt pretty rubbish. My motivation definitely feels like it is being turned on again.” 


What’s included in “Awaken Your Health” Programme:

6 one-to-one sessions of 60 mins spaced over 12 weeks

✅Session summaries and take-aways delivered to your inbox after each consultation

✅Your complete āyurvedic profile

Āyurvedic analysis of all of your current health symptoms

A step-by-step action-plan to get you on a path to feeling better right away

Transmission of Ayurvedic wisdom adapted to you and your unique circumstances: learn and integrate āyurveda in the most impactful way. 

E-mail and voice support during all of our time working together

If appropriate, a personalised yoga nidrā recording 

Investment: 450 eur (sales tax included) to develop life-time skills of deciphering the signals of your body and to receive tools to bring your body into balance. 


Want to test it out first?

“Get started” is a mini-package for you!

It all starts with Self-discovery. 

Start your journey towards health transformation: get to know your āyurvedic blueprint and start changing your health right away! 


What’s included in “Get Started”:

✅ 2 one-to-one sessions of 60 mins

✅ Your complete āyurvedic blueprint

Āyurvedic analysis of your current health symptoms

3 tailored lifestyle recommendations to get you on a path to better health right away!

Investment: 190 eur (sales tax included). 



Client satisfaction guarantee

I’m committed to 100% client satisfaction.

If by the end of the programme you don’t feel better, I’ll be happy to provide a full refund!

“I felt supported in my struggles, it really feels like we are working together to figure out what changes I can usefully make.” 


“My favourite part about working together was getting to know myself!”


Getting to know Vytautė was a great gift. During our Ayurvedic consultation I felt supported by her light, attention and peace, I felt safe to open up and I felt heard. Vytautė helped me make sense of my concerns and provided me with practical advice that I still use today – this fills my days with light, peace, harmony, warmth and scents.

I sincerely recommend!!!