About Āyurveda & Yoga Nidrā

Āyurveda is nothing less than the Science of Life (Āyur– life; Veda – science/knowledge in Sanskrit). It’s a holistic wellness system that originated in what is now India, circa 5000 years ago. There is much that could be said about it and its origins, but how can it be that this ancient knowledge, coined thousands of years ago in a completely different historical and cultural context, continues to serve humanity so beautifully still today?

According to Āyurvedic wisdom, we are all unique and we deserve to be treated as such. We all have different body types, different characters, different physical and mental health issues and thereby, different needs. Āyurveda teaches us to become aware of our specific needs, recognise them when they arise and honor them. Its approach to healing is therefore highly personalised.

That is why Āyurveda pays attention. To EVERYTHING. On your healing journey, all sides of the spectrum will be examined. Your habits, your relationships, your diet, your life-style, your character. Your poop and the shape and the lining of your tongue? You guessed it, we will cover that, too! That’s because all these aspects will give us valuable clues about your body type and your current health challenges.

Even the climate you live in, the Season you are in and the job you are working at will affect your wellbeing in a particular way.

The beauty of the Āyurvedic journey is that it will teach you how to befriend your Body, Mind and Soul. Once you learn what your specific needs are, you will be able to meet them in the spirit of self-love and self-care.

Embodying Āyurvedic principles inevitably aligns us to the rhythms of Nature: through its practices it teaches us to live in harmony with the Seasons, as well as respecting the cycles of the two celestial bodies that impact us the most – the Sun and the Moon. In the fast-paced world of today, it often takes a while to realise that we have lost connection with the Natural World – but it is a deep longing that many of us have. If you are feeling that call, answer it.

To give you an idea of what to expect from your sessions with an Āyurvedic Health Counsellor, we will firstly look at the following pillars of health:

» Sleep and Rest: You can have everything else aligned in your life, but if your sleep quality doesn’t cut it, nothing else will (and boy, I should know – did I mention I am a recovering insomniac??). So if you are ready to discover Āyurvedic tools that make you sleep like a baby, this is the place to be!

» Your Digestion:  A healthy digestion is paramount if you want to thrive physically and mentally. We will examine your diet and your eating habits in detail and use time-proven Āyurvedic principles to guide you through making gentle but powerful changes. Rise-and-shine, Happy Gut! 

» Your lifestyle habits: You will be given the tools to upgrade your daily routine that will be transformational for your current state of health. 

Yoga Nidrā for Insomnia Relief 

If you are struggling with insomnia, chances are you are also suffering majorly during daytime (my past-Self is *raising hand here*). Navigating our lives in an under slept state is no joke, and it quickly becomes a matter of survival, of “getting by”. And we both know, that’s not a life.

As I have witnessed in my own experience over and over, Yoga Nidrā as a guided awareness practice can be a very powerful tool for reliefin a situation of sleep deprivation.

During Yoga Nidrā sessions, our body essentially goes into a sleep state, whereas our mind remains alert. As we emerge from this state, we feel  rejuvenated, relaxed, composed (and in case you are still wondering….this feeling is a million times better than what one might experience after an afternoon cup of coffee!).

My specialty: I offer group sleep coaching at the end of the class. We practice Nidrā together, then we learn from each other. Small class size allows me to take Q&As from participants’ and bring in my experience as an Āyurvedic Sleep Coach to empower you to stir your wheel towards better quality sleep.

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