I’ve had my fair share of insomnia nights, yes sir. Now I am not going to say that this beverage will fix your insomnia (adjusting your daily routine probably will!). But I will say that: if you are going through a rough patch on your sleep journey right now, it may do wonders in supporting your body and mind during the winding down process in the evening. What can be more soothing to your nervous system than making yourself a delicious Ayurvedic sleep tonic to some soft tunes! As a bonus, there are only 3 ingredients (so you can’t say you don’t have the time;-)!).

What’s so amazing about this Ayurvedic sleep tonic, you ask?

Milk has sweet and heavy qualities, helping you ground and wind down. If you are in camp vegan, a plant-based milk will do a similar trick! 

Nutmeg is a natural sedative, calming the mind and the entire nervous system. It helps to reduce Vata (the mobile Air/Space humour that brings about mental agitation followed by sleep troubles) in your head, as well as in your intestine (quite literally, reducing that excess air in your belly).

This is why milk and nutmeg combine perfectly to prepare you to switch off for the day.


  • Warm up your milk (or bring to boil if you are using raw cow’s milk (which is the best kind!). Side-note: always use organic 😉
  • Add a pinch of nutmeg. Mix mix mix.
  • Let cool slightly, add some raw honey to taste.

Aaand done! You have yourself an Ayurvedic sleep tonic. Now ditch your phone and your laptop, dim the lights, put on some gentle, soothing tunes and enjoy while warm! Nighty-night!

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Feeling motivated to tackle insomnia symptoms but unsure where to start? Book a free health assessment with me! We will examine your sleeping patterns and you will walk away with a clear action plan to improve your sleep quality!

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